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I do startup SEO, local search and websites for small businesses.

From Twitter // WORK: seo EDU: georgetown TWEET: rap, seo, serps, books, k2, mountaineering, mountains, 2Pac, rap lyrics. derp poop. Simply whistlin' dixie.

Currently General Advisor at RankScience and organic growth consultant at Red Light Growth.



Resume (CV)

Chad Burgess
New London, CT • 06320 • @chadburgess


SeatGeek – New York, NY Marketing Director, Head of SEO (Apr 2010 – Feb 2016)

  • Accelerated SeatGeek’s growth--alongside cofounders--by leading early focus to organic, set up the structure and content bases,
    defined and led the execution of the SEO strategy making all the decisions (small to big) that summed up to
    SEO being SeatGeek’s primary growth driver in what is, so far, a startup success story
  • Led a cultural transformation from one misinformed and skeptical of SEO, to one educated and energized as
    key contributors to the SEO game, even within dev and product teams, forming the internal foundation for
    massive quadruple and triple digit YoY growth rates in traffic, revenue and user sign-ups
  • Ascended from 0% page 1 coverage on the most valuable (and competitive) “tickets” queries (e.g. ‘celtics
    tickets’) by tactfully employing on-page techniques within a potentially stifling criteria of product and UX
    requirements, delivering top-notch SEO without sacrificing a great performing and looking product
  • Solved organic search volatility mysteries using advanced segments in Google Analytics, Excel and a deep
    practical understanding of organic search, to form prioritized counterstrikes (or diagnoses of good health) to
    Panda, Penguin, Phantom 2 and Hummingbird/entity search algorithm updates, saving millions by
    reclaiming would be losses and preventing non-incremental bad reactionary bets
  • Built a spreadsheet framework in Google Docs to turn exported KW and URL data (SEMrush) into domainwide
    landing page profiles by page type and matching kw patterns to 1) Externally: case a competitor’s
    traffic profile, discovering a new keyword opportunity that led to a 20% increase in organic concerts traffic
    and 2) Internally: get insights into referring keywords otherwise obfuscated post not-provided
  • Established on-site semantic entity connections based on the latest docs ensuring SeatGeek
    was using schema markup and that each use referenced the most proper schema for the entity
  • Maximized link equity in acquisition/transfer of, topically mapping over 100,000 redirects
  • Managed SeatGeek’s Internship Program, including summers with three, four and five full-time
    undergraduates working as content analysts and bringing the blog (Wordpress) to a peak of 33% of traffic
    Vistaprint – Lexington, MA Product Marketing Associate (Dec 2007 – Aug 2009)
  • Product managed the conceptualization, requirements definition, pricing and launch cycle for Vistaprint’s first
    offering in the local SEO space and it quickly became a multi-million dollar product line
  • Optimized product conversion via A/B, feature usage, churn, drop-off/UE funnel and price testing
    Wachovia Securities – Charlotte, NC Investment Banking Analyst (Jun – Sep 2006 & 2007)
  • Analyzed a full spectrum of strategic alternatives for a retail company including a modeling analysis of a
    leveraged buyout, merger and share repurchase
  • Performed comparable public company and precedent M&A transaction analyses
    Georgetown University – Washington, D.C. BSBA (Class of 2007)
  • Graduated in 2007 with honors (3.54 GPA/Dean’s List)
  • Double majored in Finance and International Business, with concentrations in psychology/sociology
  • Skills: “reading” SERPs, interpreting Google statements, and sniffing out real from BS. Expected value
    modeling of incomplete information problems. Excel/PowerPoint – “Training the Street” certified. SEO-focused
    Google Analytics, tech/startup SEO strategy SEMrush, Search Console (WMT), Keyword Planner. HTML/CSS
    (basic), SEO specs/wireframing, WordPress, MOZ,, Screaming Frog, AHREFs.
  • Interests: reading books, mountaineering, wandering new places, poker, tennis, music, sci-fi, LOST, MMA.