[ARCHIVE - 60RINDGE.COM] Annapurna: a Himalayan cuisine gem in Cambridge

Ok, so gem might be a little too strong considering I am a novice when it comes to Himalayan food, however, Annapurna is definitely a good experience overall.

I live about 2 blocks away, so I have started going here regularly with my roommates and friends.

The atmosphere could be perceived as poor, as the place is often only occupied by one other party and it has little decor.

However, the simplicity of it is also refreshing, so it can be a good place to relax and have a meal with friends (without overbearing music or crowd noise). It is the type of place where you will never have to worry about being thirsty, as there is a strong likelihood of having a 1:1 ratio of staff to patrons (exaggeration…).

The soup and naan served complimentary at the start of the meal are definitely a highlight. For entrees, I have enjoyed the mourgh challow and the mourgh kabab which, in the most basic form of description, are chicken and rice dishes.

For beer drinkers, unless you are a true lager fan, stay clear of the Flying Horse Lager. My roommate and I got extremely hyped when they brought it out as it is labeled as being “for the connoisseur” and we like to pretend. We were likely in over our heads, as it did not resonate with our taste buds.

If you live in Porter or Davis, give this place a try. Peek in first, so you can bring the type of people that will appreciate it.

Here are some additional reviews on yelp (I went with a 3 out of 5).

The location of this restaurant is below:

Annapurna Restaurant

2088 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140

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