Reviews & Testimonials


“Chad was a massive asset to SeatGeek’s growth. He has an excellent understanding of Google’s algorithms as they are today, and the direction they are moving going forward. He is extremely thorough in everything he does, and would be an asset to any organization looking to level up on SEO.”




“Chad has filled multiple roles at SeatGeek, but his most indelible mark has been on SEO. He invented SeatGeek SEO. When we were a young company, it wasn’t a channel we gave any focus. Chad has changed that. He consistently identifies opportunities and ably took advantage of them. He has a brilliant SEO mind. His intuition is outstanding, and it’s further backed up by strong data & experience. When it comes to ranking in Google, Chad is unparalleled.”




“I had the privilege of working closely with Chad for over a year, and he’s one of the most brilliant people I’ve met. He single-handedly developed the SEO strategy at SeatGeek, and he’s widely regarded in the New York tech community as a pioneer and thought leader in SEO. His expertise and interest in SEO derives from his passion for game theory; he’s particularly good at modeling situations and adapting strategies based on asymmetric and incomplete information.”